Quality control

Our maximum concern is to ensure the quality of our products throughout the entire productive cycle.

Integral Control

We have developed and implemented a wide-ranging control programs (HACCP) that establishes strict monitoring of all the sturgeons, from birth to sale of the final product. All the stages the sturgeon goes through are controlled, including origin, breeding, feeding, health, fish welfare, slaughtering, cutting, distribution and preservation of the caviar. To carry out this control, we take random samples from any link in the productive process chain for subsequent analysis in accredited UK laboratories.

Health control

Food health and safety is fully ensured and guaranteed in all our products, which comply with the strictest food safety regulations in the meat sector. In addition, due to the nature of our caviar, rich in natural antioxidants, as well as the animal feeding and the packaging and preservation systems used, we have managed to extend the shelf life of the product while maintaining all of its organoleptic characteristics intact for longer.