A happy sturgeon will always produce the best Caviar, no matter the maturity time needed...

From fingerling stage, our sturgeon fish are naturally 'grown-out' in fresh natural flowing water (exclusively to our farm), allowing our sturgeon the ability to grow at natures intended time frame.

fingerling stage

Once fully grown and caviar mature – having worked with our partner farms, to give our Sturgeons large bodies of water in which to grow – the fish are then ethically purged, cleansed and finished in natural Devonian water, within a flowthrough farm environment (not a closed recirculated water system). Inclusive of innovative husbandry and non-mechanical 'By hand-By Eye' feeding strategies, the resulting caviar produced from our sturgeons offers unique healthy nutrients, rich in vitamins A and D as well Omega-3.

We control the life cycle of our sturgeons from beginning to end, from birth to the dining table, following a strict traceability protocol. This is the only way to guarantee the true welfare of the fish as well as food safety of the final product reaching the consumer, whether it is fresh caviar, prepared products or smoked sturgeon meat.

Caviar for the British Palate

The core philosophy of Exmoor Caviar is to harness the tastes of England and add this to our caviar. We have carefully crafted our caviar, paying particular attention to not over step the boundaries of our discerning customers palates.

Each day more than 40 million litres of fresh Exmoor water passes through the farm, truly adding that unique minerally taste to our caviar.

The water that runs through our farm is natural spring water, straight from the Exmoor National Park, filtered through tilted Devonian slates, shales and sandstones, creating a naturally filtered water.

It is this natural taste that firstly delights the taste buds.

Secondly, akin to the Caspian Sea and the Queen of Caviar, the Beluga Sturgeon; we knew that we needed to capture the tastes of the sea and its saltiness.

After several tests we settled on the mellow natural taste of fresh Cornish Sea Salt.

Combined, we believe that the end caviar produced really has raised the boundaries and subsequently was unanimously voted as the best caviar by forty five of the world’s leading chefs at the Relais and Chateaux ‘Grand Chefs’ event in Old Billingsgate Market, London (Apr 2013).


"I think you have the right amount of salt content and I think you have chosen a great quality salt. You have all of the British Sturgeon's Royal history, the location of the farm in Devon…. It’s Brilliant. I think you are on to a winner."Michel Roux Jr

"Exmoor Caviar is delicious and as good as any I've tasted, I also love the fact that it is from a sustainable and ethical source."Sat Bains