Made in England


A happy sturgeon will always produce the best Caviar, no matter the maturity time needed...

For the British palate

The core philosophy of Exmoor Caviar is to harness the tastes of England and add this to our caviar.

Quality guarantee

Our maximum concern is to ensure the quality of our products throughout the entire productive cycle.


We control the life cycle of our sturgeons from beginning to end, from birth to the dining table, following a strict traceability protocol.

British Sturgeon Caviar: of the highest quality

Exmoor Caviar is an exemplification of where nature and harmony meet. Exmoor Caviar draws from over 30 years of fish farm experience and 15 years of caviar trading.

Cornish Salted Caviar

The final stage of the caviar making is the inclusion of our own fresh Cornish Sea Salt.

Caviar for the British Palate

The water that runs through our farm is natural spring water, straight from the Exmoor National Park, filtered through tilted Devonian slates, shales and sandstones, creating a naturally filtered water.